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Armed Guard Insurance for Armed guards and security companies

Any Armed guard is in a high risk role. Guards at places like banks, jewellery shops and are at risk, directly and indirectly, from a wide range of possible situations. Insurance protects the armed guard and their security company against onsite injury and liabilities.

Some issues to consider when taking out your insurance:

  • Insurance protects an individual or company from financial claims related to your core business.
  • Armed Guard Insurance covers the guard on duty and off duty.
  • For commercial enterprises, full spectrum liability protection is best practice and ensures coverage across the board for a wide range of possible claims.
  • Good policies include workers’ compensation insurance, a significant benefit in serious cases of high risk.
  • Liability insurance covers vehicles, property damage, and other “gray areas” which One Size Fits All policies are usually worse than useless.

Armed guards also include security guard trainers. Armed guard liability insurance for trainers is a very practical, high value option for high-end trainers, and security companies which are engaged in advanced training, particularly with firearms.

As you can see, the real need in this industry is for practical, properly focused insurance packages. A One Size Fits All approach may be cheaper, but you can be absolutely certain that it won’t cover major liabilities. Most security companies, in fact, are let down by inadequate insurance. That’s not good news for the industry, because liabilities can be extremely expensive.


Experienced people in the security industry may find it ironic that the insurance experts are now recommending “custom” insurance options. “Why now?”, you ask? It seems that the industry is now being invaded by people with a very different perspective on managing risks and liabilities.

The more modern approach to insurance is to produce insurance products that actually deliver value, not cosmetic coverage for bureaucratic purposes. A company called El DoradoInsurance is a case in point. This company specializes in custom-made insurance coverage, across a very broad bandwidth of different sectors. To see how this new approach to security insurance works, visit their website here at [] and talk directly to their experts. You will find it interesting.


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