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You Want to Run a Massage Business From Your Home

I received my license and certification as soon as I finished school for massage therapy. I knew right away that I was going to start building my practice from my home as soon as school was over (so a prerequisite of the house I was buying was having additional space for my commercial space). I created my clientele and was quickly recognized as one of the most important massage 1인샵 (therapy shop) in the area. This is how I did it ...

Then write a business plan. Even if you are not planning to apply for business funds, it is crucial to put your goals and ideas in a written format, using as much detail as you can. When you put things in writing, the law of attraction will be put into practice to make sure your intentions come true. Believe it or not, there is something almost magical about him. And if you have no idea where to start writing your business plan, don’t worry. There are samples, examples, diagrams, and tutorials on the Internet at no cost to you.


Next, create a name for your company. This can be a bit tricky as thousands of massage trade names are already in use. Do your research to make sure you are not using the same or similar name as another business close to yours. Also, I recommend not using her name. Keep in mind that while “Massage therapy shop” can increase personal appeal, it hinders business professionalism.

a good massage that you give if your clients have to walk over or through your messes. So clean and organize your place if it isn’t already. And don’t be afraid to ask for outside help, even if it’s just the honest opinion of a trusted friend about what could be improved. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and see your space through their eyes from when they park their car until they leave. Go one step further and spruce up the decor. Fresh paint on the walls, a nice rug, a vase of fresh flowers, and some tasteful wall art can work wonders in any room and can be kept inexpensive.


Stay still. There isn’t much worse when getting a therapy shop than an annoying noise. Turn off the ringer on your phone and unplug the ringer while you work. If you have children (especially young ones) it is better not to be working when they are at home. My kids have grown up with me working at home, so they know to be quiet and considerate when clients are done. But I usually work with them so that their lives are not always harmed by my career and my business. The same goes for pets in the house. Keep them separate from your business area and teach them to be respectful when visitors arrive (I have two large dogs in the house and most of my clients don’t notice). Barking dogs, crying cats, and noisy birds don’t set the tone for relaxation. If you don’t have control over the volume of your pet (or child), you may end up having to decide how important (or not) your home massage therapy shop business is to you.

Appearance isn’t everything, but it is something. Practice good hygiene and grooming. Keep your hair well-groomed (including facial hair for male therapists) and brush your teeth. Shower regularly and keep your nails trimmed and clean. If you work barefoot to ground the power, keep your feet clean and your toenails trimmed and neat as well. If the underarm odor is a problem, use deodorant daily. Don’t get soaked in cologne, perfume, or body spray. These fragrances can annoy your clients or cause allergic reactions that interrupt their massage. If you need a more pleasant scent, a touch or two of essential oils can be mutually beneficial for both you and your clients. Dress appropriately too. We can be flexible here, but do yourself and your clients a favor and save ripped, stained, and / or pierced clothing for other occasions.

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